About Conventions or Seminars at Sea.   

 In addition to the needs that a group cruise has, (see About Groups) a convention has a whole other dynamic, and that is, the seminar speaker or the organization that is sharing the information with the participants has two additional concerns.

        1 ) That the information that he gives is useful and helpful to the seminar participants.

        2) Generally speaking, the seminar or convention organizer is always is concerned about several issues is the room right, do I have the right A/V support, are the seats in the right order, is everything taken care of the way I want it done, are my guests comfortable.

Cruises are a perfect alternative place to have those convention and seminars. Today's Modem cruise liners are developed and manufactured specifically with organizations, seminars, and conventions in mind. Meeting spaces have been added and planned on cruise ships to afford every guest the maximum amount of luxury with the maximum amount of comfort, all in a good learning environment in addition to catering to everyone's individual needs. At Dream Makers Cruises. COM our specialist in this realm have been participating, organizing, and assisting conventions and seminars for the last 15 years and has been hosting them at sea with various organizations with full recommendations and endorsements. (See Endorsements)


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