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What Price Paradise?
More for the Money on a Cruise

One of the best reasons to take a cruise/seminar has absolutely nothing to do with learning, relaxing, with visiting exotic ports or enjoying classic shipboard life. It has to do with saving money.

Now that may sound remarkable, but consider what you get when you purchase a cruise/seminar. Then compare it with the alternatives. When you do, you'll probably arrive at the same conclusion.

As vacation packages, cruises are virtually all-inclusive. But that's not the same as referring to the ships as floating hotels. Because no hotel, no matter how lavish, is able to offer what a cruise ship can. When you buy a cruise, for a single price you get accommodations and all of your onboard meals. But that's only the beginning!

On a cruise, that can mean up to seven or eight designated mealtimes daily, from early morning breakfast on the Promenade Deck to a lavish midnight buffet. You needn't eat at every meal, of course, but you're not charged for meals during the entire voyage, either.

There are classes, workshops and roundtable discussions -- some at breakfast and others that go into the wee hours if you're so inclined. You'll get to know the most experienced people in the business first-hand and have the time of your life. On-board sports and fitness centers are yours to use and all included as part of the experience. So is entertainment, from lavish Vegas-style revues to intimate cabaret acts.

And there's one element that distinguishes a cruise from all other vacations. That's the voyage itself. That may sound obvious, but think about it. You're being transported from port to port in the most civilized fashion possible. You're not paying for an airline ticket, or taking a car, bus or train. You're not sitting all day in a hotel conference room or trying to figure out what to do in the evening. You do what you like, eat what you like, sleep as long as you like and then you're someplace new. It's an experience no hotel can offer.

Not only do you get a lot of vacation for your money on a cruise, but you're also able to anticipate costs and plan your budget in a way no other vacation allows, from transportation and accommodation to meals and entertainment.

Extra expenses, such as drinks, ship-organized sightseeing trips, tips and laundry, or maybe a massage, are at your discretion. Which means that they're under your control.

In short a cruise/seminar represents the best all-around value in education, AND gives you the best vacation you've ever taken!.

You'll have the time of your life -- a trip with virtually unlimited potential. The only thing extra that's required is your imagination.

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